Central Linen Park will measure quality across the following parameters:

Hotel Linen Laundry Service from Central Linen Park
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Reduction in re-wash and discard levels
  • Recommendation in choosing the right linen/ textile
  • Feedback on existing quality of linen
  • Presentation (finishing / ironing)
  • Strive for better linen management
  • Develop proprietary “Quality Assurance System”

Quality Benchmarking

  • Most advanced equipment for the linen and garment laundry to be used
  • Skilled and well trained employees to handle specialised operations in the laundry
  • Quality to be measured across all of the following steps namely, acquiring the linen/garment from the institution, marking, sorting, spotting for stains, washing, drying, dry-cleaning, ironing, packing and delivery
  • Maximum hygiene at the site is maintained at all times