The CLPPL Advantage


  • Largest and first of its kind in India
  • Installed processing capacity of 40 tonnes per day in 2 shifts
  • World renowned laundry equipment imported from USA and Europe
    • Continuous Batch Washers / Tunnel Washers and Stand-Alone Washer Extractors from Milnor, USA
    • Dryers from ADC, USA
    • Feeders, Flat Work Ironers, Folders and Stackers from Jensen, Denmark
    • Dry-cleaning Machines from Italclean, Italy
    • Finishing Presses from Forenta, USA
  • Huge facility to adapt to linen processing demand variation. We are capable of handling large volumes of laundry (both linen/garments) at minimum time, whilst operating to the highest standards of quality & achieve best in class productivity
  • Dedicated sections in the facility to process linen and garments separately
  • Experience of the management and operation teams
  • Milnor Commercial & Industrial Laundry Equipment
  • adc commercial dryers
  • Forenta Laundry Presses - Dry Cleaning Equipment
  • JENSEN's Flatwork Ironers
  • ItalClean - Commercial Dry Cleaning Laundry Machines


  • Best in class laundry chemicals to be used at the facility
  • 100% use of RO water in all kinds of washing
  • Capability of handling linen/garments of any texture and type - from most delicate to the heaviest
  • Best support structure in accordance with international standards
  • We will develop our own "Quality Assurance System"
Trucks for delivering freshly laundered linen to Hotels in Delhi


  • Custom made vehicles adapted to variable lot sizes and traffic regulations
  • Logistics to match expected delivery schedule
  • Detailed and tested back up plan for responding to potential supply chain disruptions


  • Improved quality levels of linen and garment is observed. Enhanced quality with freshness and hygiene delivered to the hotel results in greater guest delight
  • Huge cost saving vis-à-vis in house laundry
  • Enhanced linen life translated to substantial savings in linen replacement costs